America Who Hurt You - Trailer


Note, the voices are meant to overlap and step on each other to feel a little chaotic/BTS soundcheck vibes

SJ: I’m Sarah Jones, and this is America Who Hurt You, the pod where–

Rashid: wait how’s my level though?

Nereida: it’s not only about you Rashid

Rashid: I’m the only dude, is my EQ gonna be different?

Bella: why is everything about the gender binary—

Lorraine: There she goes, with the woke-ism –

Nereida: The point is all our voices are different

Lorraine: Yes, but how will people know her opinions are definitely not mine?

Nereida: People are smart, Lorraine they’ll figure out all the voices are actually coming from…Sarah Jones. …

SJ: I mean, unless they don’t know I play different characters based on my real multi-racial family

Lorraine: Tell them you won a Tony!

SJ: I’m not gonna say that.

Bella: Imposter syndrome is such a killer for women.

SJ: Bella, please. As I was saying, on this pod, we’ll be interviewing amazing guests about how our political and personal lives are more entangled than ever–

Jameela Jamil: Yeah, I don’t think it’s distracting by mistake, I think it’s distracting by design.

W Kamau Bell: If you just put a little bit of news in you everyday, you’re already more informed than probably 80% of Americans.

Laverne Cox: Live that way and love that way, and then maybe we can begin to organize that way.

SJ: And sharing practical tips to help us all navigate…till November and beyond!

Rashid: Yeah, basically it’s about politics

Bella: our trauma.

Nereida: and how we can heal them both.

SJ: Tune in to America, Who Hurt You? Available July 17th wherever you get your podcasts.