Coming July 24


Our country has always been a hot mess. But now, between political rage, climate crises and social-media polarization, it’s quite literally on fire. This low-key mid-apocalyptic moment has raised a question for Sarah Jones and her many characters: America, Who Hurt You?

Bookended by the debates, dialogues, and hilarious digressions of the characters made famous by Sarah’s one-person shows and acclaimed film Sell/Buy/Date, this podcast explores our political dramas, personal traumas, and how the two are connected. Plus: we’ll have some of the smartest people we know stop by to sit with Sarah and unpack it all. America, Who Hurt You? holds up a loving but accurate mirror to our country’s range of faces as we try to save democracy—or at least stop doom-scrolling.


Sarah Jones

Hailed as “a master of the genre” by The New York Times, solo performer and Tony Award-winner Sarah Jones is the writer and star of the plays “Bridge & Tunnel” and “Sell/Buy/Date,” as well as the writer/director of the critically acclaimed film of the same name. As a Black woman with multiracial roots, Sarah has created a “one-woman global village” of characters based on her own family members and friends. She has also starred as Yasmin in the Netflix series On the Verge and has given a record four main-stage TED Talks. A longtime activist through her storytelling, Sarah is proud to have performed everywhere from The White House to Rikers Island, from Broadway to the historic Women’s March in DC, and all around the world as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her next project is a live performance piece that explores the power of the care economy.


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