“Democracy is not a spectator sport.” —Marian Wright Edelman

As we approached an election the world was watching, two truths were real: one, women had the power to decide this election. Disproportionately, women—and especially women of color—have been the ones sharing information, networking, volunteering, organizing. (It’s no accident that the two most profound political movements of the last decade, #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, were both founded by Black women.)

And two, our basic voting rights as Americans are still elusive. This has specific implications for women, particularly now, during a pandemic, when it becomes harder for caregivers or minimum-wage workers to safely cast votes in person.

In the month before the election, artists, filmmakers and writers spoke out about what was at stake in The Meteor’s series 30 Days Till Tomorrow—with a focus on helping everyone exercise their right to vote.

See some of the original film, art and inspiration of 30 Days Till Tomorrow here and view the rest on our Instagram.

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All those stereotypes about Gen Z? “Wrong,” says activist and Harvard University film student Treasure Brooks.

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Civil rights activist and poet Nikki Giovanni has one message this fall (written in verse, of course): Vote.

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Journalist Mariane Pearl can claim four nationalities—but the US is the one country she chose freely. Here’s the intensely personal story of her American vote

In June 2009, I was naturalized as an American. That day, on my last trip to Garden City, New York, to the now-defunct United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office, I spring-walked by billboards shooting their messages to the heavens. Becoming American felt like an accomplishment for me, a chance to review the ideals I held in a new light and commit to them…

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Mariane Pearl in Harlem, New York City; courtesy Gilles Peress
Courtesy Gilles Peress

Members of Girl Be Heard reenact civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer’s 1964 speech.

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Creator, producer and humanitarian Angelica Ross reads a powerful letter to her transgender family.

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“If ‘Did Not Vote’ had been a candidate, it would have won the 2016 election by a mile,” says data journalist Mona Chalabi.

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